Founded by: Camilla Stephens

Baked in small batches and using ingredients just like you’d find in your kitchen at home, we don’t mind if each of our pies, quiches & sausage rolls doesn’t look quite like its neighbour. In fact, we think that the best food always looks a bit Higgidy.

We’re about more than just making great pastry…

Boiled down to our essence, we’re about putting heart into food and soul into business. And this means there’s a particular way of doing things that makes Higgidy, ‘Higgidy.’

We need to be brave so we don’t stagnate; kind to stay true to our purpose; smart so we’ll be around and still thriving tomorrow. Each of these ingredients, held in balance, are what we look for in every team member and everything we do. Because good food is about more than just fuel & function. And because good business is about more than just profit & numbers.

  • Type Independent
  • Headquarters Sussex, UK
  • Key people Camilla Stephens, James Footit (co-founders)
  • Year established 2003
  • Number of employees 280