Founded by: Nick, Josiah and William

Hodmedod, Britain’s pulse and grain pioneers, work with farmers to produce and source a diverse range of foods from British arable crops.

Our farmers grow some of the very first British quinoa, neglected varieties of bean and pea, heritage grains and new trial crops like lentils.

We offer dried pulses and grains for cooking, canned beans and peas, gluten-free pulse and quinoa flours, flaked barley and quinoa, puffed quinoa, and ready-to-eat roasted bean and pea snacks. Our latest product is a fermented fava bean umami paste, providing a deep and rich umami flavour with fruit and sherry notes.

We launched our first products, dried split and whole fava beans, in 2012, after we realised that these beans were widely grown in the UK but barely eaten here. Instead the best beans are mostly exported to Egypt where they’re eaten on a daily basis in falafel or ful medames, a spicy bean stew. We wanted to bring these delicious, versatile and nutritious beans back into British kitchens.

Hodmedod is committed to providing wholesome quality food with provenance that’s more sustainably produced. Our products increase diversity on the farms we work with and provide many environmental benefits. We favour organic production where possible and also work with farms practising agro-forestry and stock-free farming.

And the name? Hodmedod is an East Anglian dialect word that typically means snail in Suffolk, in Norfolk hedgehog, but sometimes also ammonite or curly hair. It’s original meaning was anything round or curled up so, at a stretch, it can be taken to refer to a bean, pea or grain!

  • Type Independent
  • Headquarters Halesworth, Suffolk, UK
  • Key people Nick Saltmarsh, Josiah Meldrum and William Hudson (co-founders)
  • Year established 2012
  • Number of employees 7