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Jordans is a company that makes brands of crunchy oat and nut cereal (similar to muesli) based in Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.

Holme Mills on Langford Road in Biggleswade, situated next to the River Ivel, was bought by local farmer William Herbert Jordan in 1855. The mill caught fire in 1894 and burnt down again in 1899. It produced flour until 1972, when W. Jordan (Cereals) Ltd, the present-day company, was formed. It is run by Bill and David Jordan, who are brothers and partners of the company. There is a factory shop in Langford, Bedfordshire. Its main product it started with, and still produces, is called Crunchy Oats, which is based on granola. A mill was recorded on the site in 1086, as noted in the Domesday Book.

In 1981, Waitrose began to stock their products. Also in 1981, Jordans began production of a breakfast/cereal bar called Original Crunchy. It now produces four different cereal bars including Frusli which contains 25% fruit, Breakfast Bars, Luxury Absolute Nut Bar and Original Crunchy Bars. Luxury Bars were introduced in 2004.

Country Crisp was introduced in 1991.

In 2002, they formed the joint venture 'the Organic and Natural Food Company' with Yeo Valley Organic. It produced vending machines for schools filled with healthy food.

In April, 2003, it won a Queen's Awards for Enterprise.

In 2005, Bill Jordan was made a MBE.

In September, 2007, it sold 20% of its company to Associated British Foods (ABF), who make Ryvita.

In June, 2008, it sold a further 42% of its company to Associated British Foods (ABF), giving them a 62% controlling interest.

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  • Parent company Associated British Foods plc
  • Type Division
  • Headquarters Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, UK
  • Year established 1855