Founded by: David & Tom

The Minirig story is an interesting one with humble beginnings. Sunny days in beautiful parks with friends are best spent enjoying and sharing the music you love. Over many years the idea of a portable park sound system evolved through a series of obsessive hobbyist creations, set out to create a portable sound with volume and clarity to match our high expectations. Done purely for the love and fascination with the technology, these diy creations multiplied and eventually proved very popular as they got ever more refined. Finally the step was taken to design for manufacture and put the product into production – so as to share the great sound we had created with others. Hence the Minirig was born and has since proved successful beyond all expectations.

All our products are designed and tested in our laboratory in Bristol, UK. All manufacturing and assembly of parts is done by reliable UK based engineering companies. We use only the best possible, top quality components purchased from the most reputable and reliable manufacturers and the cost of these components makes up a large percentage of the product price.

Despite the high cost of these components and UK based manufacture, we are still able to keep our prices low through efficient design strategies and by mainly selling direct to our customers. This gives our products great value for money.

  • Type Independent
  • Headquarters Bristol, UK
  • Manufactured Bristol, UK
  • Key people David Trotter and Tom Tucker (co-founders)
  • Year established 2010
  • Number of employees 20