pebble magazine

Founded by: Georgina Wilson-Powell

What's pebble magazine about then?

Let’s be clear. We’re not fans of the word ‘sustainability’. It’s an ugly word. Dull, depressing even - we know it makes even the most conscious of you want to switch off. And we don’t blame you.

It doesn’t sum up the complexity of the problem we’ve got on our hands. It doesn’t come close to describing the love, the drive (maybe the obsession) we have for talking and learning about a whole heap of things. And yet we’re stuck with it when we need to tell you quickly what pebble is all about.

So this is what we’re really about.

Permaculture. Knitting. Whizzy futurists. Slow fashion. Open sourcing. Foraging. Crafting. Eco-villages. Food waste. Forests. Mindful discovery. Protecting the seas. Great food. Local food. New manufacturing models. Conservation. Organic skincare. Vegetable leathers. Vertical farms. Staycations. Kayaking. Thinking differently. Travelling lightly. Traditional skills. Zero waste. Turning plastic bottles into clothes and shoes. Dressing well. Creating communities. Enjoying our lives without harming the planet. Supporting people who have taken a risk to find a better way of doing something. Challenging the status quo. Zero waste cocktails.

And yes the last two can go hand in hand. More importantly, we’re about showing you how you can incorporate all of these things into your existing life.

Being good to the planet often means starting small and being good to ourselves. Supporting businesses that have developed fairer ways of trading and making choices that lighten the load of your life on the planet.

What we’d really like is just to say we’re a magazine about living a good life full of adventures and for all this talk of eco this and ethical that not be needed any more, because it’s just the way we all do things. But for now we’ll keep on, using the words we hate.

Join us and help us rid the world of dull words. #pebblesmakeripples

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  • Key people Georgina Wilson-Powell
  • Year established 2016
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