Rubies in the Rubble

Founded by: Jenny Costa

Rubies in the Rubble is a sustainable food brand committed to making food for the future. 

We make our delicious condiments from fresh fruit & veg that would otherwise be wasted. Our ingredients have to pass a taste test, not a beauty contest. We don’t care if it’s too big, too ripe or just plain pear-shaped. What matters to us is making the best condiments around.

At Rubies in the Rubble, we are on a mission to encourage people to waste less, treasure their resources and live more sustainably. 
We want to save the planet one jar at a time by providing a delicious & practical solution to food waste. 
Ask any of our customers, and they’ll tell you that our range of relishes are too good to refuse!

At the heart of everything, we believe that the more you put in, the more you get out.
We’re generous with our ingredients, rigorous with our recipes and committed to our community. 
We work directly with UK farmers, sourcing fresh fruit and veg from their surplus produce. 
Each jar is jam-packed with fresh cucumbers, onions or tomatoes that would otherwise be discarded.  

Some say thats a load of rubbish, we take that as a condiment. 
Go on, have a dollop!

  • Type Independent
  • Headquarters London, UK
  • Manufactured London, UK
  • Key people Jenny Costa (Founder)
  • Year established 2011
  • Number of employees 5