Stand4 Socks

Founded by; Josh Turner

Socks are typically dull, poorly made afterthought. Stand4 Socks are anything but, we create ethically made socks, with bold patterns that also have an impact from each pair sold. This could be one pair planting 10 trees or vaccinating 3 kids against measles and much more!

Founded by Josh Turner in 2015 with the off the cuff comment with friends and a simple purpose of changing the meaning of a pair of socks. From seamless toe closure to avoid iteration, to reinforced heel and toe to avoid those annoying holes, to bold patterns designed to get noticed and stand out! We now have fashion, sport and even bamboo socks!

More info

  • Social Enterprise
  • Type Independent
  • Headquarters Manchester, UK
  • Manufactured uk?
  • Key people Josh Turner (Founder)
  • Year established 2015
  • Number of employees 3