We Are Tea

Founded by: Daren Spence

We Are Tea is an independent, ethical, award-winning tea company based in London. Set up by husband and wife team, Spence and Suzy, we follow a simple philosophy - to ethically source exceptional whole-leaf teas from artisan producers and hand-pack them right here in the UK. We are on a mission to make the often complex and daunting world of speciality tea more accessible and ultimately, to celebrate the British love affair with tea.

Our tea shop opened its doors in 2007 just outside St Paul’s Cathedral. The business took off, life was good. Five years on just as we were looking to open up a second tea shop, Occupy London hit and as a result of vandalism and theft, the shop sadly closed. But all was not lost, from this experience and our customer’s requests for great whole-leaf tea in their homes, our retail business was born (yay).

Our small but mighty team of 6 work to get you a great cuppa wherever you are. With 55 Great Taste Awards under our belt, we focus on design, innovation and collaborations to bring our range to new people; from devising tea-based g&tea cocktails for the menus of London’s bars to creating a bespoke tea blend for our chari-tea partner, Contact the Elderly.

We love our world and where possible try to give it a helping hand, we use 100% biodegradable corn starch whole-leaf teabags and supply our B2B customers with 100% compostable takeaway cups from London Bio Packaging - made out of sustainable forest paper with a bio-plastic lining. Unlike regular plastic, bio-plastic is made from plants such as corn and are plastic-free.

We use hand-picked tea leaves, we never grind them down. This makes our tea fuller and tastier. Tea that is a whole lot better. So whether you want to bag it up or get loose, we have a tea for you.


  • Type Independent
  • Headquarters London, UK
  • Key people Daren Spence (Founder)
  • Year established 2007
  • Number of employees 6